About Book Reviews

Information & Culture Book Reviews: 

At Information & Culture, we are committed to excellence in scholarship. Below is a list of guidelines used to select books for review and solicit reviewers.

1. Books being reviewed should fall within the scope of the Journal and represent innovative academic scholarship that engages with issues relating to the topic of the history of information. Details can be found on the Journal’s about page. 

2. Information & Culture is committed to advancing diversity amongst the voices represented in the Journal and in the subject matter of articles and book reviews.

3. Book reviews are meant to further the dialog amongst a community of information scholars and professionals; reviews should contain a brief summary of the book, plus thoughtful analysis and original input from the reviewer that connects the book to existing, relevant fields of knowledge and scholarship. 

4.To maintain timeliness and relevancy, books being reviewed must have been published within the last twelve months.

Process for Book Reviews: 

Book reviews are solicited by the Senior Book Reviews Editor. If you would like to contribute to the Journal by writing a book review, you may submit your name to the pool of potential reviewers by emailing reviews@ischool.utexas.edu. You may be asked to provide a writing sample and CV. Editorial staff will make selections on books and pair them with reviewers based on the criteria above. Please note that due to constraints of print deadlines and page limitations, not all potential reviewers will have the opportunity to review a book.

For contributors that have already been solicited to write a review, please contact the book reviews editor at reviews@ischool.utexas.edu for more information on specific requirements. 


Starting in the fall of 2018, Information & Culture is once again including book reviews in the printed Journal, published three times a year. Returning to the print journal after years of only publishing book reviews online will draw more attention to and increase engagement with new scholarly works in the field of information studies and information history. New book reviews will be made available on the Information & Culture website until they appear in print, at which time they will only be available online through Project Muse. You can find links to the book reviews on Project Muse under Issues along with abstracts of our peer-reviewed articles. 

Book reviews that were published online only between 2011 and 2018 are still available in the book review archive.