Chicago Manual of Style: Resources

Chicago Manual of Style 

We ask that all submissions be written and formatted using the 17th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.

Please note that as an author, you are responsible for correctly citing your sources. You manuscript will be returned if extensive errors are present. 

You may find the following resources to be helpful as you edit and refine your formatting:

The Chicago Manual of Style
  • Free, 30-day trial offered through CMOS website
  • Consult with your university librarian to see if your institutional log-in will grant unlimited access to CMOS
Purdue Owl Chicago Manual of Style Guide 
  • Comprehensive outside source; good for questions about formatting and citations
  • Free
Bowdoin College Libraries 
  • Particularly useful when citing government documents
  • Free


Citation Management Tools

Citation management tools can help easily track and cite your sources. It is important, however, to double check any citations generated using these resources. These generators are not always entirely accurate, but often provide a good starting point for you to then work with. 






Free download Free download  Subscription required; check with your institution

Download Option

Desktop download; Chrome extension available Desktop download; Chrome extension available  Desktop download; cloud option available 

Word Processing Capabilities

Instant citations in Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs Citation plugin for Word and LibreOffice Cite as You Write technology in Microsoft Word

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