The University of Texas Press

The University of Texas Press is a book and journal publisher—a focal point where the life experiences, insights, and specialized knowledge of writers converge to be disseminated in both print and digital formats. Established in 1950, UT Press has published more than 3,000 books over six decades. Under the direction of David Hamrick, the Press produces approximately one hundred new books and thirteen journals each year. A list of the Press' Advisory Council Members can be found on the UT Press website directly through clicking on the link at the begining of the paragraph.

Subscriptions to Information & Culture can be ordered through The University of Texas Press. Subscription rates are available here. Information & Culture is published three times a year; subscriptions are for the three issues within a volume (calendar) year. Students and members of the Library History Round Table of the American Library Association and the Archival History Round Table of the Society of American Archivists receive discount rates. All subscription prices are subject to change annually around September 1st.

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