New Reviews

From Storefront to Monument: Tracing the Public History of the Black Museum Movement by Andrea A. Burns, reviewed by Ethelene Whitmire. The author of From Storefront to Monument, Andrea A. Burns, is an assistant professor of history at Appalachian State University. Her well-written and compelling book focuses on the creation of four African American neighborhood museums by tracing their beginnings in the 1960s, influenced by the Black Power Movement, to today... Read more.

Social Reading: Platforms, Applications, Clouds and Tags by José-Antonio Cordón-Garcia, Julío Alonso-Arévalo, Raquel Gómez-Díaz, and Daniel Linder, reviewed by Paula L. Webb. The influx of technology intertwined with reading has changed the way information is input, viewed, and applied. This book is the authors’ attempt to approach all aspects of how social media has influenced the ways we read, and, as a result, the ways we absorb information... Read more.

Archives and Societal Provenance: Australian Essays by Michael Piggot, reviewed by Morgan Gieringer. Michael Piggott has assembled a career’s worth of essays, speeches, and papers on the development of Australian archives and has illuminated each entry with a new examination of the developments through the framework of societal provenance... Read more.