New Reviews

Digital Memory and the Archive by Wolfgang Ernst, reviewed by Peter Ward. Digital Memory and the Archive introduces Wolfgang Ernst's work in the field of media archeology. The ten essays of the collection serve as an extended definition by contrast, using the limitations of cultural studies, the antithesis of Ernst's approach, to highlight the identity and potentialities of media archeology... Read more.

Libraries and the Reading Public in Twentieth Century America edited by Christine Pawley and Louise S. Robbins, reviewed by Edward A. Goedeken. The intersection of reading and libraries has received a great deal of scholarly attention over the past thirty years and has generated a solid body of work. Pawley and Robbins’ new book provides an excellent contribution to this ongoing investigation and deserves to be read by all... Read more.

Books as History: The Importance of Books Beyond Their Texts by David Pearson, reviewed by James W. Cortada. The author describes how books are interesting and important to understand as physical artifacts, apart from whatever content their authors wrote. He demonstrates how books were made, owned, written, mutilated, and bound... Read more.

Bound Fast with Letters: Medieval Writers, Readers, and Texts by Richard H. Rouse and Mary A. Rouse, reviewed by Joseph Pucci. This book collects eighteen articles written over four decades that study writing, broadly conceived, as a medium of social preservation and cultural production. The book is in three parts. Part one attends to the physical aspects of writing. The initial chapter investigates the ways in wax tablets were conceived of and described... Read more.