Submission Requirements

Content Requirements

  1. Interpretive. Good history is about interpretation. Each article must have an historical thesis that is bolstered by an appropriate line of argument and credible evidence that is appropriately cited. Papers are expected to follow the methods of high-quality academic historical scholarship. Articles that are merely descriptive will not be accepted for publication.
  2. Information History. All articles need to be primarily historical in nature and primarily about information. If it is not clear why a paper is about information, the author should add a few pages to explicitly address the reasons and to place the submission in a larger body of scholarship.
  3. Language. Articles written in language other than grammatically correct English at a high academic level will not be considered.

Manuscript Requirements

  1. Manuscript. Articles will typically be 6,000-10,000 words. Longer articles will be considered in the context of whether the topic and treatment merits the extra length, and whether the journal has the space. Shorter articles are possible, too.
  2. Abstract. Should be no longer than 100 words and should be independent from the body of the article.
  3. Endnotes. Must be formatted electronically in MS Word as endnotes and conform to "Humanities Style" in The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. Notes should include all bibliographic information required by that style. Do not include a separate References or Works Cited section.
  4. Cover Sheet. Include a separate page with article title, author name, mailing address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and a 50-word biographical statement. Do not include personal or institutional information on any page of the manuscript itself, including the abstract (for blind review purposes).

Manuscript Format

  • MS Word document in Times New Roman 12-point font
  • Text should follow The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition
  • One and a half spaced, including headings, long quotations, endnotes, and captions
  • One-inch margins on all sides
  • Page numbers in the upper right margin
  • All copy aligned left; do not justify
  • Paragraphs indented five spaces with a single tab
  • An extra line of space inserted above and below extracts, subheads, and figure/table/image callouts, but not between paragraphs
  • One space only after each period mark
  • Include first name and/or initial(s) of all persons in the first reference
  • Use title of an organization in the first reference, with acronym in parentheses. Acronyms may be used in all subsequent references
  • Tables should be submitted as separate MS Word files

Photos and Illustrations

Please indicate any images (photos, maps, or illustrations) that may be available to accompany the text. Images should be submitted scanned at no less than 300 dpi, at the size in which they would be published. The TIFF file format is preferred.

Should the article be accepted for publication, it is the responsibility of the author to obtain official written permission to reprint an image from the copyright holder or owner, including preferred wording for crediting the source of the image. Any cost involved is the responsibility of the author. The editor will make the final determination as to which images, if any, will be published.

Submission Procedure

Once you have followed the guidelines above, please submit via our email on the Contact Us page, iceditor at ischool dot utexas dot edu.