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Information & Culture: A Journal of History is an academic journal printed quarterly by the University of Texas Press. It publishes high-quality, peer reviewed articles on topics related to the history of information. The journal's scope has broadened significantly in recent years to encompass the historical study of any topic that would fall under the purview of the modern interdisciplinary schools of information, like the institution in which the journal is edited, the School of Information at The University of Texas at Austin. However, the journal honors its (50+ year) heritage by continuing to publish in the areas of library, archival, museum, conservation, and information science history.

In keeping with the spirit of information studies, the work is human centered and explores the interactions of people, organizations, and societies with information and technologies. Social and cultural context of information and information technology, viewed from a historical perspective, is at the heart of the journal's interests. Typical papers might focus on the histories of information institutions, academic domains, professions, work, and societies among other topics. The intention is to juxtapose papers on a wide variety of topics related to the history of information in order to stimulate connections that have not been made, for example between the research of library historians, historians of computing, labor historians, gender historians, economic historians, business historians, political and diplomatic historians, cultural studies scholars, critical theorists, and science and technology scholars.

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News Updates

Volume 51, Number 3 (Aug/Sept 2016)

Florencia Garcia-Vicente, Daniel D. Garcia-Swartz, and Martin Campbell-Kelly
America’s Early Computer Clusters: History, Geography, and Economics. Part I: Patterns

Special Issue on Information Ecosystems in Firms and Industries


This is a call for papers for a Special Issue of Information & Culture: A Journal of History (Volume 51, Issue 1, February-March 2016).


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